RipTide Brewing Company


About Our Taproom

Scott Alexander, Norm Scherner, Bob Menzies in their man cave brewery. (Handout photo)

Scott Alexander, Norm Scherner, Bob Menzies in their man cave brewery. (Handout photo)

We welcome all of you to a relaxed and friendly place to enjoy good company and GREAT beer of all kinds!  Our Brewery is in the midst of the Tap Room, which makes our home a very unique place.   In addition to tasting great beers, you’ll be able to see, touch and smell the Brewery and all its processes.  No walls or glass enclosures for us, it’s all right there!  Dealing with government agencies had put us behind schedule, so we used that extra time to get a lot of advice and help on designing a great space for our Tap Room.  Our bar itself is one of a kind.  The wood comes from a tropical tree known as the Samanea Saman tree or Raintree.  The wood is beautiful and you Vietnam Vets out there will know it as Monkey Pod wood.  We’ve got some very cool tables made from reclaimed barnwood from Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Our seating includes the bar, miscellaneous tables and standing high top tables.  For you gamers, we’ve got a couch and coffee table area with Parcheesi and Cribbage, or bring your own games!

While we’re not a ‘Sports Bar’, no worries, we have plenty of big screens for you to catch your favorite teams. In fact, we bet you’ll see all the games as you wander around the Tap Room and check out the Brewery.  Like you, we think Naples is a pretty cool place and we’ve searched high and wide and put together a group of historic photos of Naples that we bet you won’t see anywhere else.  Where else can you enjoy a Captain Storter Porter (if on tap) and see the Captain himself on the deck of his Schooner, the Bertie Lee!  As we probably said somewhere else on the website, we aren’t very good cooks so we’ll leave the food to others.  We have free snacks and prepackaged food to buy (just don’t ask us to open these things cause the Health Department says we can’t do that) and you can order great food from our neighbor, Bill’s Café, who’ll deliver fresh and hot (or cold) right to your spot at Riptide.

As you can imagine, we’re very excited to welcome you to Riptide.  We think you’ll enjoy your visits (you will come regularly) as much as we’ll enjoy meeting you all as new friends over a pint or two.